News from Wisdom

Heartbeat - September 2019

September 1, 2019


An important part of our mission here at Wisdom for the Heart is to make God’s Word as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. One of our initiatives that is bearing fruit for God’s kingdom is our ministry to prison inmates. There are men and women who have come to faith in their prison cell by hearing God’s Word proclaimed. There are also many incarcerated brothers and sisters who are being discipled and equipped by the resources we provide.  

It is our privilege at Wisdom for the Heart to help prisoners who request access to Biblical resources. Depending on the regulations of each prison facility, we send as many resources as possible. We have sent free sermon manuscripts, paperback books, and Bibles to many prisoners across the United States.  

Some inmates who contact us are serving life-sentences and will never be released. Although they have experienced God’s forgiveness, they live with the daily consequences of their past choices. They are growing as disciples and learning how to become godly influences in their prisons, seeing their present incarceration as a mission-field for the Gospel. Others have been released and are now serving Christ in their churches and communities. 

Your financial partnership makes this outreach possible and I thought it might encourage you to hear from some of these men. Inside this newsletter, we have included pictures and testimonies from some of our inmate friends as well as a special ‘Where are they now?” section. We know you’ll be encouraged to read their stories of repentance and redemption as God continues to shape their lives for His glory. 

Thank you, friend, for supporting Wisdom for the Heart! The gifts we send to prisoners throughout America are fruits of the gifts you send to us.


Jack Mayo

After spending 15 years in a North Carolina prison, Jack was released on March 2015. In prison, he became downcast and deeply depressed, with no support from anyone outside the prison walls. One night while listening to the radio, he found BBN and heard a message by Pastor Davey on Wisdom for the Heart. At the end of the program, there was an invitation to request prayer. He immediately wrote and soon after received a letter from the ministry saying they were praying for him. That letter of encouragement led to ten years of life-changing correspondence. Jack’s faith was strengthened as he shared the materials with many other inmates. Bible study groups were formed using Pastor Davey’s materials. Books and transcripts were passed around and found their place in the prison library. 

At the age of 80, Jack is doing well. He emanates energy and joy. He has his own home and is reunited with his family. He is active in the community and church. Jack says, “The greatest lesson I learned was to give God EVERYTHING. God has a plan for your life; let him be in charge.”

Jeffrey Ellis

“I was in prison. . .” (MT 25:36). Words could never describe the alienation, loss, and dejection I experienced. I was the prodigal son in a “. . . FAR country” (MT 25:36).  I, as David, lamented “ spirit was overwhelmed within me. . . I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul” (PS 142: 3-4).  Then. . .”AND YE CAME UNTO ME!” (MT 25:36). Wow! I could preach every word of that! God used Wisdom for the Heart to come to me and minister His truth and loving-kindness that brought healing to my soul. Though 900 miles away, they came to ME through radio, correspondence, and written material that helped save my life. I am now farming and actively serving my Lord in His church. Truly, the Lord Jesus Christ did “bring my soul out of prison” (PS 142:7), and I’ll never cease thanking Him for using Wisdom for the Heart!

Ronald Hutchins

Ronald is serving a 76-year sentence in a Texas prison. He has been corresponding with us and receiving our materials since 2005. He says, “Can you imagine this once lost soul is completing his third year of seminary! “I have been ‘tier-walking’ going into the dark places of the prison ministering to men. What amazes me the most are those that are filled with pride about going home. It only takes a few questions before they realize that they don’t have all the answers and will need God’s help to maintain their freedom. I have been abundantly blessed because of Wisdom’s message of hope. So many people have tossed us away, but Wisdom for the Heart is continuously reaching out as God’s instrument to pull us out of the miry clay.”

David Kreger

“I was 49 years old when I entered a Texas prison to begin a life sentence. I served 22 years on a conviction of first-degree murder. On December 27, 2011, I was released and a new David walked out of those prison walls. This David loved God with all of his heart and wanted to always walk in His ways. After two suicide attempts, a nervous breakdown, and many sleepless nights, I was totally devastated. I had completely given up on ever being released from prison. One night in 2005, while listening to Christian radio, Dr. Stephen Davey was teaching about the love and forgiveness of God. After the broadcast, I wrote Wisdom for the Heart and soon afterward received an answer. Wisdom for the Heart started sending me books and transcripts. This material turned my life completely around! In no time, I was grounded in the fundamentals of the Christian faith through the materials that Wisdom for the Heart provided. I can honestly say Wisdom for the Heart helped save my life. 

Today I am living in a small town in North Texas. I have a home and a part-time job at the post office, I teach guitar, I write to several prisoners, and I also do speaking engagements. I give thanks to God and Wisdom for the Heart for all they did for me, not only with Christian material but also with continued counseling and love even to this day.”

Bryan Kelley

When I was given a life sentence for murder in 1992, I was sure that my life was over. Everything that I had come to depend on for “life” was being stripped away—and rightfully so. I was guilty of taking a man’s life in a drug deal gone horribly wrong. Little did I know that some people go to prison to find true freedom in Christ. 

Broken and spilled out, ashamed of who I had become, I was fertile soil when a Christian man dared to enter prison and share the forgiveness and love of Christ with me. My very best thinking had led to utter ruin, what did I have to lose? Answer: nothing…I had true life to gain! I trusted Christ, began to read my Bible, went back to school, received discipleship from a fellow inmate, listened to many ministries on the radio (Including Wisdom for the Heart), and was blessed to get connected with a staff member deep into my incarceration. She sent me copious amounts of Wisdom literature and workbooks. I’d go through Origins, When Heaven came down, A Harvest Begins among others. I’d share God’s truths with my fellow inmate followers. We gained wisdom for our hearts. 

In the fullness of God’s time, I was granted parole after nearly 22 years in prison. With a new heart and a new purpose, I secured a job with a prison ministry that had greatly impacted my life—the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP). Through hard work, long hours, and faithful service, I moved up the ranks and now serve PEP as their CEO. I’m honored to lead an army of volunteers that help to transform lives, restore families, and rebuild communities. As I said, some people have to go to prison to find true freedom. Me? I found wisdom for my heart.

Jim Williams

I stumbled across Wisdom for the Heart while listening to the radio on a prison yard. The resources I received over the next year or so were amazing and invaluable. Along with that, a friendship was developed with a staff member who wrote encouraging letters regularly, answering my Biblical questions or just keeping up with how things were going for me.  Eventually, I was able to meet her and Pastor Davey in person, while also attending a couple of Wisdom banquets over the years. This all started in 2005 and now, 14 years later, I still keep in touch and donate monthly to Wisdom for the Heart.