News from Wisdom

Heartbeat - July 2019

July 1, 2019


If you’ve been tuning in to our recent broadcasts, you’ve noticed that my sermons sound a bit different. They are full of static, higher-pitched, and lower quality. That’s because, in the early days, when God first led me to start Colonial Baptist Church, technology was a lot different. We held services in the band-room of a local middle school and recorded my messages on a cassette player that sat on the front row. Looking back now, it is refreshing to see that while technology has changed, God’s Truth has not. So we at Wisdom have decided to revive some of those old messages and place them into a broader series we are calling Vintage Wisdom. 

Through the month of July, we’ll be kicking off that Vintage series by going through the Book of Acts together. Before we begin that journey, let me encourage you to order a copy of our supplementary study guide called The Harvest Begins. As a gift to you, we are offering it for 50% off its regular price when you order in the month of July. This book has proven a valuable resource to pastors, Bible study leaders, teachers, and disciplers of all ages, so ‘check’ the appropriate box on the back of your return card and get your copy as well. 


See you in the band room!