News from Wisdom

Heartbeat - June 2019

June 25, 2019


Technology is a double-sided coin, isn’t it? There are so many destructive websites, apps, and media outlets available at our fingertips that one could be excused for throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But, thankfully, God always redeems what Satan seeks to destroy, and we at Wisdom have witnessed God use various media outlets to further promote His glorious, life-changing message of Truth and Hope. 

Nearly four years ago, we launched our Wisdom for the Heart smartphone app in hopes of giving our listeners free, easy access to our Biblical resources. Since then, we have welcomed 28,419 subscribers and watched our tally of sermon downloads rise to over 6,700,000! The app enables subscribers to listen to daily broadcasts, access the complete archive of sermons, and follow along with our daily Bible reading plan. So if you’re someone who still uses an iPhone, Android, or tablet, I encourage you to find Wisdom for the Heart in the app store and download that app today. For His glory.