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Heartbeat - February 2019

February 1, 2019

Paul's message to Timothy that Scripture contains everything we need for life and godliness has not changed over the course of time. Rather than eradicating our need for God's word, modern technological advancements have only further inhibited our opportunities for silent contemplation. 

David wrote many beloved Psalms while sitting on a hill watching sheep or sitting by a gentle stream. Jesus Himself spent hours, even days, finding quiet places to rest from the crowds and pray. The louder our culture becomes around us, the more difficult it becomes to fulfill the command of Psalm 46:10 to "Be still and know that I am God." That's why, I believe, the Bible has a lot to say about Creation and our need to ponder what God has taught us about Himself through it.

Recently, the Lord directed me to begin preaching a series at Colonial Baptist Church called In Living Color, where I looked at what the Bible says about Creation and our response to it. I was overwhelmed by the comments from church members who were encouraged throughout our exploration together, and I am excited to be sharing that series with you this month. To compliment the study, our Wisdom staff has printed my first message into a booklet called The Curriculum of Creation and we are offering in February for your donation of any amount. I trust it will help inspire in you a greater sense of awe and wonder as you find quiet moments and places to be still in the presence of God.

In awe of God's creation,