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Heartbeat - January 2019

January 1, 2019


As a new year approaches, and as you spend prayerful time reflecting on 2018 and making resolutions for 2019, I'd like to encourage you to add two more goals to your list:

First, would you commit to reading the entire Bible this year? That might sound daunting, but it really isn't. We here at Wisdom have established a Bible Reading Plan for 2019 that integrates daily Old Testament and New Testament readings while giving you a simple outline to follow. In fact, we've placed a free copy of that reading plan in your envelope so that you can begin your journey through the Bible today! 

Secondly, I encourage you to study one book of the Bible in close detail. This month, we're featuring my brand new commentary on the Book of James, so if you're not exactly sure what book of the Bible to study, consider starting there. James's inspired words are seasoned with the authority and power of an apostle but with the humility and compassion of a father. During the month of January, you can order a hardcover copy of my commentary for your donation of any amount. Just send back the return card along with your donation and we'll get your book in the mail. 

I trust you'll enjoy the blessing of God's presence this new year as you abide with Him through prayer, service, and obedience to His precious Word. God bless,