News from Wisdom

Heartbeat - May 2018

May 1, 2018


Last month I told you about our new Youtube channel where you can watch full-length videos of my teaching ministry. If you enjoy watching a lesson instead of just listening, I have more news for you.


Our ministry partner, The A Group, has been working on our website and has given us the ability to add video. When you navigate to a sermon or series on our website, there's a set of icons to the right of the message title. You've always been able to use those links to listen, download, read or purchase a CD of each lesson. Now, with my more recent lessons, you can also watch right on your computer. (By the way—for the 22,000 people who have downloaded our smartphone app, the videos are also available on your phone.)


The Wisdom Team will continue to go back in the archives and add video to the lessons that have been captured. For now, you can watch the following lesson series: Upon This Rock; The Song Volume Two; Introducing God; Aiming Higher; It's A Boy; Extravagant Grace; Going Public; In Pursuit of Holiness; Above Politics and Parliament; For Better or for Worse; and Christianity 101.


I'm thankful for the many ways God allows us to share the truth of His Word around the world!