Navigate the intersection of faith and politics with peace and purpose

The American Christian’s guide to engaging in politics as a citizen of heaven

Being a Christian in America today is complicated. How do you address your concerns about our country’s moral decline while respecting the rights of your neighbor? Where is the line between engaging in culture wars and staying silent? How do you vote when you feel like there are no godly choices?

As a citizen of two kingdoms, where does a Christian’s true allegiance lie?

In his book, I Pledge Allegiance, pastor Stephen Davey offers a thoughtful, balanced, and biblical approach to the relationship between Christians and their country, helping center the Church back on its primary mission while answering practical questions about political engagement—everything from voting to paying taxes to participating in boycotts.

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  • A clear vision for your mission, purpose, and place in the world as a Christian
  • A biblical understanding of the role of government and relationship between church and state
  • Practical ways to love your country and engage in earthly politics as a citizen of heaven…without descending into nationalism
  • An eternal perspective and sense of peace, regardless of the election results this November

If you’re an American Christian feeling confused about how to engage in politics, torn between truth and love, or stressed about the upcoming election, you need this timely and essential guide!