• In Living Color - Selected Scriptures

    Originally preached on August – December 2018

    Creation shows us who God is and reveals His utter magnificence. From the vastness of the universe to the minutest cell, creation should cause us to stand in amazement of Creator God, leaving no excuse for denial. Creation is intricate, complex, and alive—and it is all under God’s sovereignty. In response to this truth, do we run to God? Do we relinquish fear and worry into His loving hands? Ultimately, God’s creative glory allows us, His prized creation, to praise Him and live with boldness, confidence, and trust in the One who loves us.

  • Question and Answer Programs

    Originally preached on November 2014 – 0000

    A collection of our monthly Question-and-Answer Programs.  We began these in November of 2014, and have attempted to air them on the first Friday in each month.  This collection will continue to grow as we add new programs.   Please note that these are the actual broadcast audio and NOT a sermon audio from the church pulpit.