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    Introducing God - Acts 17:1-34

    Originally preached on January – April 2016

    There are hundreds of books and manuals on how to evangelize a secular culture, but no manual can improve on Acts chapter 17. Here in this timeless snapshot of Paul’s ministry we are given an unforgettable picture of both the risks and rewards of true evangelism. Leave your megaphones, soap boxes, and cardboard signs at home and join Paul as he takes the gospel from the crowded streets of Asia Minor to your street.

    Scripture References

    • Acts 17:1 - 9
    • Acts 17:10 - 15
    • Acts 17:16 - 21
    • Acts 17:22 - 24
    • Acts 17:24
    • Acts 17:25 - 29
    • Acts 17:30 - 34
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    Going Public - Selected Scriptures

    Originally preached on January 2016

    Local churches are a haven for believers; not a fortress. It is far too easy to grow comfortable in the subculture of Christian programs, media, and industry, that we can go an entire week, month, or year without ever having a significant missional interchange with an unbeliever. In this convicting and practical look at New Testament passages, Stephen reminds us why our relationship to an unbelieving world is a significant part of why God has left us here. 

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    Question and Answer Programs

    Originally preached on November 2014 – 0000

    A collection of our monthly Question-and-Answer Programs.  We began these in November of 2014, and have attempted to air them on the first Friday in each month.  This collection will continue to grow as we add new programs.   Please note that these are the actual broadcast audio and NOT a sermon audio from the church pulpit.

    In May of 2019 we began airing our QA Programs on the first AND third Fridays of each month, giving us an extra session to answer questions each month.