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    Prophecies and Predictions: Why Setting a Date is Wrong (Selected Scripture)

    Originally preached on May 2011

    Predictions about the rapture of the Church (the return of Christ) have captivated that institution since its earliest days. And little wonder—since the last thing the Lord told His disciples was that He was coming back! Ever since Christ ascended, the Church has been awaiting that event. However, anticipating His return is a lot different from announcing the date of His coming. That’s altogether destructive—for a number of reasons . . . all explored by Stephen in this full-length message.

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    Endurance - James 5:7-20

    Originally preached on May – June 2011

    As the Apostle James comes to the end of his letter, one word comes to mind: endurance. How do you run the race when you can't manage the clock, can't find a shortcut, events don't match up to life's plans, and problems outnumber solutions? In this series of 7 sermons, Stephen reveals the practical truths of James' final words—truths that produce endurance . . . for life!

    Scripture References

    • James 5:10 - 11
    • James 5:12
    • James 5:13 - 15
    • James 5:16 - 18
    • James 5:19 - 20
    • James 5:7 - 9