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    Satisfied! - James 4:1-5:6

    Originally preached on February – April 2011

    Are you satisfied in your life today, friend? If not, what’s keeping you from being so? What is it you think you need more of? Maybe it’s a little more money in the bank account, or kids who are a little more obedient, or a boss who isn’t so demanding. Perhaps it’s something else. Well as Pastor Stephen Davey of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC, delves into a study of the last two chapters in James, he will reveal to us that the only thing really blocking our way to satisfaction is us! As Stephen will teach us through this study, satisfaction doesn’t come from what we have on the outside… it comes from what we have on the inside. A Carrot on a Stick (James 4:1-3) Choosing Enemies . . . Making Friends (James 4:4-6) Reviving the Saints (James 4:7-10) The Danger of Playing God (James 4:11-12) The Vanishing Life (James 4:13-17) When Money Talks (James 5:1-6)

    Scripture References

    • James 4:1 - 3
    • James 4:11 - 12
    • James 4:13 - 17
    • James 4:4 - 6
    • James 4:7 - 10
    • James 5:1 - 6
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    A Word to the Wise - James 3:13-18

    Originally preached on January – February 2011

    When we pray and ask God for wisdom, what exactly are we asking for? What are we expecting to receive? An answer? An inner compulsion to do something or not do something? A sign from heaven, perhaps? In his new series, “A Word to the Wise,” Pastor Stephen Davey takes us back to James’ convicting letter to remind us what Godly wisdom is really all about. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a matter of the mind… it’s a matter of the heart. A Learner's Permit For Life (James 3:13-16) Sandcastles Before Tide (James 3:14-16) The Ways of Wisdom (James 3:17-18)

    Scripture References

    • James 3:13 - 16
    • James 3:14 - 16
    • James 3:17 - 18