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    Bringing Faith Down to Earth - James 1:1-27

    Originally preached on September – October 2010

    What the Reformer Martin Luther considered a "right strawy epistle" (without substance—like something made of straw) is actually one of the most challenging letters in the New Testament. Written by the half-brother of Jesus, the Apostle James pulls no punches as he challenges the believer to practice what he preaches. James writes with gut-level reality—and here’s why: while many of the New Testament epistles deliver what we are to believe, James declares how we should behave. In these six full-length messages, Stephen expounds on the truths of James 1 and introduces us to the theme of this powerful letter: we need to bring our faith down to earth!

    Scripture References

    • James 1:1
    • James 1:13 - 18
    • James 1:19 - 21
    • James 1:2 - 12
    • James 1:22 - 25
    • James 1:26 - 27