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    Faith Works - James 2:14-26

    Originally preached on November – December 2010

    God never intended Christianity to remain indoors. It was designed for the outdoors—to be communicated to the world through our walk. Christianity should resonate with the words of the popular sportswear commercial: Just do it! In other words, if you’re really serious about your sport, you’ll be willing to sweat—to work out . . . to run, jump, ride, shoot, tackle, swim—and you’ll dress the part! So also do faith and “working out” go hand-in-hand. For too many believers, faith resembles an indoor bicycle, motionless, neglected, and covered in dust. But the Apostle James, our personal trainer in the faith, is ready for all of us to blow off the dust and work up a sweat as we take our Christianity out into the open. Show and Tell (James 2:14-18) More Than a Motto (James 2:19-20) In the Court of Public Opinion (James 2:21-24) Surprising Saints (James 2:25-26)

    Scripture References

    • James 2:14 - 18
    • James 2:19 - 20
    • James 2:21 - 24
    • James 2:25 - 26
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    The Law of Love - James 2:1-13

    Originally preached on October – November 2010

    How easy is it for the Christian to get tangled up in the trappings of racism, classism, and culturalism? In his no-nonsense approach, the Apostle James challenges the believer to put away partiality–to stop giving in to cultural pigeonholing on the basis of status, brand names, job titles, salaries, and skin color. Frankly, these are the attitudes by which the world does business. But as far as James is concerned, none of it belongs in the church . . . or in the heart of the Christian.

    Scripture References

    • James 2:1 - 7
    • James 2:8 - 13