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    The Enoch Example

    Originally preached on June 2006

    leg-a-cy (lěg'ə-sē) Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor Everyone has a legacy. What will yours be? Will your children say you walked with God or ran from Him? Will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly ones? In this series, Stephen Davey investigates the life and legacy of Enoch. Learn how walking with God now can impact your family for generations in The Enoch Example: A Father's Legacy. More Than Crackers For LegaciesLiving The Enoch Example Q & A

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    Holy Obsession - Romans 15:14-33

    Originally preached on April – June 2006

    Remember, you are God's sword, His instrument - a chosen vessel unto Him to bear His name. It is not great talent that God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus Christ. A holy Christian is an awesome weapon in the hand of God. -Robert Murray McCheyne, 1836 At the very heart of someone with a holy obsession is the realization that God doesn't just choose sinners to be partakers in His divine nature, He chooses the worst of them. Unless we, like McCheyne, remind ourselves of the great indebtedness we have to the gospel every day of our lives, we will begin to content ourselves with becoming a retired display on a wall-like swords at a museum used in wars past, dulled and rusted-rather than active weapons in the hands of an awesome God.

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