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    Living Like You Are Leaving - Romans 13:8-10

    Originally preached on January 2006

    10...9...8...7...6...5...the countdown has begun; any moment the ship will blast-off. How will you use your remaining moments? What will you do with your time? The reality of leaving this world for the next should affect how believers live. Any day, any moment, blast-off could occur!In this 3 message series from Romans 13:8-14, Stephen challenges believers to live with an eternal perspective. Life is short, and time is too valuable to be wasted. This world is not the believer's final destination; grasping this eternal perspective will influence your way of life and encourage you to be Livin' Like Your Leavin'.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 13:11 - 13
    • Romans 13:14
    • Romans 13:8 - 10