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    The Chronicles of Christmas

    Originally preached on December 2005

    With magical pen in hand, C.S. Lewis crafted a beautiful tale filled with mystical places, talking animals, and fierce battles in a land called Narnia. Lewis wrote, "The whole story of Narnia is the story about Christ. I asked myself: supposing that there really was a world like Narnia and supposing it had (like our world) gone wrong, and supposing Christ wanted to go into that world and save it. What might have happened? The stories are my answers." In this 3-message series, Stephen explores the wonderful world of Narnia. The stories of C.S. Lewis are interwoven with biblical themes and spiritual truth that serve as a backdrop for a far greater story. Experience the life-changing story of creation, temptation, and victory in The Chronicles of Christmas.

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    I Pledge Allegiance - Romans 13:1-7

    Originally preached on November – December 2005

    As citizens of two kingdoms, Christians face the unique challenge of determining where their allegiance should lie. Do believers pledge allegiance to one nation or to one God above all nations? The church finds itself in a similar crisis. Is the mission of the church to reform politics or to redeem people?In this exposition of Romans 13:1-7, Stephen clarifies the believer's responsibility as a dual-citizen of heaven and earth. He also examines the difficult relationship between church and state, encouraging the church to focus more on saving Americans than saving America.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 13:1
    • Romans 13:2 - 4
    • Romans 13:6 - 7