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    Chosen . . . Before Time Began - Romans 9:1-33

    Originally preached on April – June 2004

    Have you ever taken a swim in the ocean and, as waves came in, you were lifted up so that you couldn’t touch bottom?  At that moment you felt rather small, didn’t you?  Well, that’s the feeling you get when you swim in the deep ocean of election.  In fact, just the mention of the word keeps many Christians away from the water’s edge, and Romans 9 is avoided at all costs.  In this series, join Stephen in a deep-sea dive that explores the mysterious depths of God’s electing grace.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 9:1 - 3
    • Romans 9:14 - 18
    • Romans 9:19 - 23
    • Romans 9:24 - 33
    • Romans 9:4 - 5
    • Romans 9:6 - 13
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    Portraits of Mom

    Originally preached on May 2003 – May 2006

    What kind of legacy are you leaving your children? Are you succeeding as a mother? These questions accompany a myriad of concerns, doubts, and pressures in the minds of "mommies" all over the world. As those doting little eyes peer up at you in absolute dependence . . . an internal cry for help swells. Wouldn't it be great if all mothers had someone to look to for help? Someone to demonstrate the important things to do? Someone to impart biblical wisdom? Join Stephen in this revealing study and learn the answer to those questions from God's perspective, as you look upon and contemplate these portraits of women in Scripture -- women whom God called successful. Unlike the world, their legacy was not measured by fame or fortune, but by their faithfulness to God and His Word.