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    Chosen . . . Before Time Began - Romans 9:1-33

    Originally preached on April – June 2004

    Have you ever taken a swim in the ocean and, as waves came in, you were lifted up so that you couldn’t touch bottom?  At that moment you felt rather small, didn’t you?  Well, that’s the feeling you get when you swim in the deep ocean of election.  In fact, just the mention of the word keeps many Christians away from the water’s edge, and Romans 9 is avoided at all costs.  In this series, join Stephen in a deep-sea dive that explores the mysterious depths of God’s electing grace.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 9:1 - 3
    • Romans 9:14 - 18
    • Romans 9:19 - 23
    • Romans 9:24 - 33
    • Romans 9:4 - 5
    • Romans 9:6 - 13
  • The Road Back to Hope - Luke 24:13-35

    Originally preached on April 2004

    The eternal effects of Christ's Resurrection have been well documented in hymns and sermons, but what about the temporal effects? How does the Resurrection affect us in the here and now? If we're like the two disciples in Luke 24:13-35 who had lost their way because of despondency, the Resurrection is our road back to Hope!

    Scripture References

    • Luke 24:13 - 35
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    Blessed Assurance: Can a Christian Lose His Salvation? - Romans 8:29-39

    Originally preached on March – April 2004

    The belief that one's salvation can be lost is an error into which many Christians fall. Instead of living fruitful lives, rooted in the knowledge of God's never-ending mercy, they live fretful ones. And instead of their hearts being full of worship, streaming from an understanding of the eternal value of Christ's redemption, their hearts are full of worry. The simple remedy is found when you understand this truth: Salvation for the believer is not a temporary flare or spark, but an eternal flame that never dies. Though it may waver in the winds of doubt and insecurity, it will not be put out. God has ignited it. His grace is the wick that keeps it burning.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 8:29 - 30
    • Romans 8:31 - 34
    • Romans 8:34 - 35
    • Romans 8:35 - 39
  • Portraits of Biblical Failures - Various Passages

    Originally preached on September 1991 – April 2004

    The believer's life is a marathon; a race run not in cities on paved roads, but through sweltering jungles, over jagged cliffs and in lifeless deserts. Falling is likely, stumbling is certain. The winner is not the one with the quickest burst out of the gates, but the one who gets up when everyone else has given up. We who are running can learn from those who have finished. Some runners show us how to choose the right path, and others show us how to keep going after everyone has written us off as a failure. In this seven message series, Stephen examines six men who faltered...failed...but did not give up. Let these Portraits of Biblical Failures be an example as you move closer to the finish line!

    Scripture References

    • Genesis 25 - 33
    • Genesis 27 - 49
    • 2 Samuel 12:24 - 25
    • Psalms 13
    • Matthew 10:2 - 4
    • Matthew 26:26 - 41
    • Acts 11 - 15