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    The Beauty of the Bride - Romans 7:1-5

    Originally preached on August 2003

    The Apostle Paul reveals that Christians are the Bride of Christ. He effectively shows us a wedding—and we’re in the picture! In the opening verses of Romans 7, Paul uses the illustration of marriage to teach the wonderful truths of our union with Christ. The Spirit asked, "Will you take HIM to be your wedded husband?" And you said, "I will." "In sickness and in health?"  "Yes, that too.""For better or for worse?"   "Yes . . . no matter what!""Till death do you part?"   "Oh, our covenant of marriage will never be broken asunder . . . not even by death."And the Spirit said, "Amen."

    Scripture References

    • Romans 7:1 - 4
    • Romans 7:4 - 5
    • Romans 7:4