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    Unwrapping the Perfect Gifts - Romans 5:1-11

    Originally preached on January – February 2003

    Everyone loves to open presents. Children never need a second invitation. Grown ups, either! No one ever quite outgrows the anticipation of unwrapping a gift, especially if the giver is someone special. The more special the giver, the more exceptional the gift, right? In this unique series of six full-length messages, Stephen reveals that God, the greatest Gift-Giver of all time, has awarded the believer with some extraordinary gifts. But be warned: there are some gifts for the unwrapping that you might never have imagined.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 5:1
    • Romans 5:2
    • Romans 5:3 - 4
    • Romans 5:5
    • Romans 5:6 - 8
    • Romans 5:9 - 11