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    They're Your Kids, Be Their Dad!

    Originally preached on June 2002 – June 2005

    Every day they wait with smiles of anticipation on their face. The clock strikes five and they know it won't be long now. Finally, they hear it; first the keys jingle, then the knob slowly turns, and in he walks. Their hero has arrived, and all they want is for him to spend time with them. But what choice will he make? Will he join the growing list of deadbeat dads, or embrace the role of loving father? In this 4-message series, Stephen Davey examines four biblical fathers, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. These biblical illustrations will challenge men about the serious responsibility and joyful privilege of fatherhood, concluding with the timely reminder: They're Your Kids, Be Their Dad!

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    Sola Fide Justification By Faith Alone - Romans 3:21-31

    Originally preached on May – June 2002

    Two Latin words, sola fide, were the battle cry of a revolution that rocked the Roman church. The truth contained in two little words, taught by the great reformers - Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli - fanned the flame which ended a period of great darkness in the church. It is on these two words, claimed Martin Luther, that the church stands, and without them it falls.In this 6-message series, Stephen will examine the remarkable teaching of Sola Fide. For it is this doctrine that birthed the Protestant church and, to this very day, separates false religions from the truth.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 3:21 - 22
    • Romans 3:22 - 23
    • Romans 3:24 - 25
    • Romans 3:25 - 26
    • Romans 3:27 - 2:28
    • Romans 3:29 - 31