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    The Depravity of Man . . . The Deliverance of God - Romans 3:3-20

    Originally preached on February – May 2002

    Sadly, most people are unaware of their own fallen condition. They do not realize how powerless they are to break free from the chains of sin. In this 8-message series, Stephen pulls off the blindfold to reveal the true depravity of man. It will be a demoralizing vision at first, but in the end it will lead us to a greater appreciation of God's deliverance.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 3:10 - 12
    • Romans 3:10 - 12
    • Romans 3:12
    • Romans 3:13 - 14
    • Romans 3:14
    • Romans 3:15 - 18
    • Romans 3:19 - 20
    • Romans 3:3 - 8
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    How We Got Our Bible - Romans 3:1-2

    Originally preached on January 2002

    There are four popular views regarding the Bible today: the Bible alone is the Word of God; the Bible is a collection of fables; the Bible is a combination of truth and legend; the Bible is God’s word, but not the last word from Him. Which one do you believe? Is the Bible really from God? And does the Bible end with a comma—or a period? How can you know for sure? In this series of messages, Stephen addresses these questions with a direct, no-nonsense approach as he delivers some much-needed answers for believers today.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 3:1 - 2
    • Romans 3:2