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    The Banquet Table of Consequences - Romans 1:18-32

    Originally preached on February – July 2001

    Robert Louis Stevenson penned the words, "Every man shall one day be seated at a banquet table of consequences." In Romans 1:24-32, the apostle Paul ushers mankind into an elegant dining room. The table is set with fine china, the crystal goblets are sparkling, and the candles are lit; everything is in place for a sumptuous feast. As starving man licks his lips, the cover is removed to reveal rotten meat and glasses filled with saltwater. In this 9-message series, Stephen will explain how rebellion against God has left man with alarming consequences. Rejecting God in hope that something else will delight and satisfy, mankind is shocked to see the result of choices they have made. Examine the outcome of life without God in The Banquet Table of Consequences.

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