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    Conclusion to Exodus - Exodus 21-40

    Originally preached on April 1990

    These two sermons conclude Stephen's preaching from the book of Exodus.  They summarize the remaining chapters in this exciting book of adventure.

    Scripture References

    • Exodus 21:1 - 32:35
    • Exodus 35:1 - 40:38
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    Straight Talk - Selected Scriptures

    Originally preached on November 1989 – June 1991

    In our pop psychology, self-esteem driven, politically correct society, it is rarely seen. Though regularly sought after and routinely requested, it is seldom discovered. What could be so desirable, yet so elusive? A straight answer. Giving a straight answer has gone out of style, and it is no longer vogue to offer a genuine solution.Let's face it, we all struggle. We all have problems, and what we do not need is more excuses or a tastier sugarcoating. In Straight Talk, Stephen candidly yet compassionately discusses nine common problems, including anger, discouragement and worry, offering biblical solutions to everyday problems.  

    NOTE:  Only Transcripts are available for this series