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    Straight Talk - Selected Scriptures

    Originally preached on November 1989 – June 1991

    In our pop psychology, self-esteem driven, politically correct society, it is rarely seen. Though regularly sought after and routinely requested, it is seldom discovered. What could be so desirable, yet so elusive? A straight answer. Giving a straight answer has gone out of style, and it is no longer vogue to offer a genuine solution.Let's face it, we all struggle. We all have problems, and what we do not need is more excuses or a tastier sugarcoating. In Straight Talk, Stephen candidly yet compassionately discusses nine common problems, including anger, discouragement and worry, offering biblical solutions to everyday problems.  

    NOTE:  Only Transcripts are available for this series

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    Exodus Vol. 2 - Down From Sinai - Exodus 19:1-20:17

    Originally preached on November 1989 – February 1990

    Ten simple rules are the foundation of multiple nations around the globe. Written more than 4,000 years ago, they are still hotly debated. Though pundits may contest their role in modern government, one thing can not be disputed. They were written to be obeyed. But are these 10 Commandments meant to be obeyed by New Testament believers? Didn't Jesus nullify them when He issued just two commandments? These questions and more will be answered in Down from Sinai as Stephen examines the giving of the 10 Commandments to Moses and clarifies their role in the New Covenant.

    Scripture References

    • Exodus 19
    • Exodus 20
    • Exodus 20:1 - 6
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