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    Genesis Vol. 3 - God Meant it For Good - Genesis 37:1-50:26

    Originally preached on February – May 1989

    Genesis Ch. 37-50 This series contains nine full length audio messages. A teenage dreamer's life is shattered when his jealous brothers throw him into a pit . . . then sell him into slavery. Get ready to discover the life of Joseph, a young man who went from the pit, to the palace! And in the process of discovering Joseph, you'll uncover the fact that God never promised an easy life for His children. In fact, God cares enough about Joseph (and you) to actually allow trials. Trials that God transforms into character, endurance and triumph. Come along for a journey of discovering that "God meant it for good." Follow the life of Joseph as it unfolds in ancient Egypt, detailed for us in these final chapters of Genesis. You'll discover nothing less than a model for the contemporary Christian in any generation.

    Scripture References

    • Genesis 37
    • Genesis 38 - 39
    • Genesis 40
    • Genesis 41
    • Genesis 42
    • Genesis 42:29 - 43:34
    • Genesis 44:1 - 45:15
    • Genesis 45:16 - 47:12
    • Genesis 46 - 50