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    Slave Traits - Titus 1:1-4

    Originally preached on January 2012

    The very concept of slavery conjures up images of cruelty, indignity, and repression. For that reason, English translations unanimously softened the word doulos to "servant" instead of "slave."  But servants are hired . . . slaves are owned.  For centuries the Church has lost a key principle of our relationship to God, and it’s time to translate the word correctly and apply it biblically.  We don’t work for contract wages, and there's no negotiating for benefit packages with God.So buckle up—from the opening lines of Paul’s letter to Titus to the closing verse, nothing is lost in translation! Stephen expounds on the unique traits every Christian’s attitude and spirit should exemplify as willing slaves of God.

    Scripture References

    • Titus 1:1
    • Titus 1:1 - 3
    • Titus 1:1
    • Titus 1:4
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    The Shepherd's Mantle - Titus 1:5-16

    Originally preached on February – May 2012

    Bring up the subject of “pastoring” and most people will immediately talk about what a pastor does.  The Apostle Paul instructs Titus—and us—that the beginning point is who a pastor is.  Only then does Paul reveal the life-threatening, Christ-exalting, fruit-seeking, truth-telling ministry of what a genuine pastor/shepherd is actually supposed to do when the mantle of leadership falls upon his shoulders and completely envelops his heart.

    Scripture References

    • Titus 1:10 - 14
    • Titus 1:12 - 16
    • Titus 1:5
    • Titus 1:6
    • Titus 1:7
    • Titus 1:8
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    Family Talk - Titus 2:1-15

    Originally preached on May – September 2012

    God’s solution for false teaching on the island of Crete involved not only putting qualified shepherds into leadership, but the entire church family on assignment—a special assignment directly related to a person’s place in the home or station in life—even age!  Speaking at times directly to older men, older women, younger wives, and maturing young men, Paul addresses the entire family.   So pull up a chair and listen in on this series of family talks . . . they are intended by God to change your life!

    Scripture References

    • Titus 2:1 - 2
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    • Titus 2:15
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    • Titus 2:4 - 5
    • Titus 2:5
    • Titus 2:6 - 8
    • Titus 2:9 - 10
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    Remarkable Christianity - Titus 3:1-15

    Originally preached on September – November 2012

    Has it ever occurred to you that the reason Jesus Christ did not take you immediately to heaven after your salvation is because He wants you to demonstrate the reality of the Gospel?  And the more obvious the demonstration, the more remarkable your Gospel becomes.  I’m afraid that the average Christian is growing more resentful and isolated—forgetting that the world is not our enemy, it is our mission field. So what do we do about it?  The believers living on the island of Crete might have wondered the same thing, had Paul not addressed the subject.  In this series of messages, Stephen reveals Paul’s clarifying definition of remarkable Christianity—a Christianity that doesn’t make you an isolated citizen, it makes you a better one.

    Scripture References

    • Titus 3:1 - 2
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