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    The Future of Israel - Romans 11:1-36

    Originally preached on October 2004 – February 2005

    The Apostle Paul assures us that nothing can separate us from the love of God, but questions arise for the believer: What about Israel? Are not God’s people wandering because of unbelief?  Are they not dispersed throughout the world?  In this series from Romans 11, pastor and author Stephen Davey answers these questions and shows us that God has a future for Israel–not one based on their faithfulness, but on His.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 11:1 - 6
    • Romans 11:11 - 15
    • Romans 11:16 - 25
    • Romans 11:25 - 32
    • Romans 11:33 - 36
    • Romans 11:7 - 10
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    Becoming a Non-Conformist - Romans 12:1-2b

    Originally preached on February – April 2005

    If you are one of God's children, something radical is expected of you. God wants you to break free from the entrapment of the world. Like a butterfly bursting forth from its cocoon, you are to be drastically different from those around you!This four-part series of messages from Romans 12 will cause you to evaluate your conformity. Do you fit in with the crowd or do you stand out? Discover the answers in Becoming a Non-Conformist.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 12:1
    • Romans 12:1
    • Romans 12:2
    • Romans 12:2
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    Divine Design Finding Your Fit in the Body of Christ - Romans 12:3-8

    Originally preached on April – June 2005

    This seven-part series of full length messages from Romans 12 uncovers rich truths surrounding spiritual gifts. Paul's discussion on these seven key gifts of the church are the focus of this exposition in Romans chapter 12. Discover encouraging and detailed instructions regarding your own individual contribution as you find your fit in the 'puzzle' of Christ's church. This passage leaves no doubt; you have a place . . . you can play a part!

    Scripture References

    • Romans 12:3 - 8
    • Romans 12:3
    • Romans 12:4 - 6
    • Romans 12:6 - 7
    • Romans 12:7
    • Romans 12:8
    • Romans 12:8
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    Blessed Assurance: Can a Christian Lose His Salvation? - Romans 8:29-39

    Originally preached on March – April 2004

    The belief that one's salvation can be lost is an error into which many Christians fall. Instead of living fruitful lives, rooted in the knowledge of God's never-ending mercy, they live fretful ones. And instead of their hearts being full of worship, streaming from an understanding of the eternal value of Christ's redemption, their hearts are full of worry. The simple remedy is found when you understand this truth: Salvation for the believer is not a temporary flare or spark, but an eternal flame that never dies. Though it may waver in the winds of doubt and insecurity, it will not be put out. God has ignited it. His grace is the wick that keeps it burning.

    Scripture References

    • Romans 8:29 - 30
    • Romans 8:31 - 34
    • Romans 8:34 - 35
    • Romans 8:35 - 39
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    How to Get to Heaven from Earth - Romans 10:1-21

    Originally preached on August – October 2004

    When you ask someone directions to their house you are likely to hear one of the following questions in response: “Where are you coming from?” or “Where are you now?” The answer to either of these questions is vital for getting the right directions to your destination. In the Bible, the book of Romans contains what reformer Martin Luther called “the purest Gospel.” It serves as the purest roadmap for humanity—to show us where we are, where heaven is, and the only route that will get us there. Pastor Stephen Davey takes us through Romans 10 in this series and provides the detailed, turn-by-turn instructions that everyone needs to get to heaven from earth. Do you know the way?

    Scripture References

    • Romans 10:1
    • Romans 10:11 - 13
    • Romans 10:14 - 15
    • Romans 10:15 - 17
    • Romans 10:15 - 20
    • Romans 10:2 - 3
    • Romans 10:21
    • Romans 10:4 - 7
    • Romans 10:9 - 11