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    Beyond Bethlehem

    Originally preached on December 2009

    Many people have a basic understanding of several key events in the life of Jesus Christ: His birth in a stable, His sermon on the mount, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. But what happened during all those "other" years? In this series of messages, Stephen uncovers rich and practical truths taken from several often-overlooked passages . . . passages that reveal to us the boyhood of Jesus.

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 2
    • Luke 2:21 - 35
    • Luke 2:41 - 51
    • Luke 2:52
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    Christmas Choices

    Originally preached on December 2006

    This Christmas series takes a look at some of the choices that were made at Christmas. From God the Father's perspective, to the choices that Joseph had to make and then on to Barabbas.

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 1:18 - 25
    • Matthew 27
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    Bodies of Evidence

    Originally preached on April 2006

    How much evidence is needed to make a case convincing? The case for the deity of Christ should have been settled when Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave, but for those who refuse to be convinced, Stephen Davey will present further evidence. This evidence is not diagrams, photographs, or even videotapes; it is far more powerful. It is dead people brought to life. Examine the evidence for yourself in Bodies of Evidence.

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 27:50 - 54
    • Luke 7:1 - 8:56
  • Master Disciple Maker - Selected Scriptures

    Originally preached on January – March 1991

    "Why me?" The question must have gone through their heads a thousand times as they followed him through the dusty streets of Jerusalem. Surely there were smarter, more accomplished men then them. A bunch of fisherman, a tax collector, a zealot; were these men really the best choice to be his disciples? In The Master Disciple Maker, Stephen answers that question as he places the 12 disciples under the microscope. Seeing their lives come into focus, a powerful truth is revealed. They were chosen not for who they were, but for who they were becoming. Watch the amazing work of the Master as He molds and shapes His disciples.

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 4:18 - 22
    • Matthew 10
    • Matthew 10:4
    • Matthew 11
    • Matthew 20
    • Matthew 26
    • John 1
    • John 6
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    The Myths, Messengers and Mystery of Christmas - Various Passages

    Originally preached on December 2004

    The Christmas story is actually a brutal scene; a lonely, desperate set of circumstances that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The story begins with intrigue and ends with murder. Experience anew the real meaning of Christmas in Stephen's three message series, The Myths, Messengers and Mystery of Christmas.

    Scripture References

    • Matthew 2:1 - 12
    • Luke 1 - 2