Dear Friends,

The lawn in my backyard has been beaten down by the feet of my grandchildren, running through the sprinkler on these hot summer days. It reminds me that I’m not supposed to be raising grass, but raising a godly heritage.

The heat of the summer months also reminds me of the need for refreshing spiritual water. The social unrest, political division, racial tension and chaotic confusion reveals that our world has nothing to offer its thirsty citizens. Wisdom International remains committed to offering the world the only source of refreshing water – the Water of Life.

The Lord is using us, in 9 languages, to directly connect with over 65,000 people from 160 countries every single week. And that number doesn’t include an estimated 1 million listeners to our programs every day on the radio and internet.

With so many people vacationing – stepping out of their normal routine – financial giving tends to drop off at a time when people are spiritually thirstier than ever. Would you prayerfully consider sending a special gift to help us during these summer months? We need your partnership more than ever!

For the sake of our thirsty world,

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