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Jesus offers a cure for the incurable!

Has it ever occurred to you from reading the gospels that Jesus never attended a funeral that he didn't entirely interrupt? From a young man's funeral in Luke 7, to the daughter of Jarius in Mark 5, to Lazarus in John 11, to a host of Old Testament saints in Matthew 27, Jesus showed his power over death.

He offers the same to you! 

Stephen booklet, Resurrection Power, is free for you to download right now. 

Jesus is indeed the way, the truth, and the life! Death is not the end of the story. Jesus has power over death, and Jesus offers his resurrection power to you!

The question is not, "Will you live forever beyond the grave?" The question is, "Where will you live beyond the grave forever?" Settle that question today. If you do, you will settle it forever.

Death is not the end of the story!

Epitaphs, tombstones, and graveyards have a way of reminding us that we're mortal. Depending on how fast you read, roughly 400 people will die and face eternity in the time it will take you to read this booklet. 

But there is hope. Jesus made an audacious, incredible claim. He said that he is the resurrection and the life. He said that if someone believes in him, they will live with him forever after dying.

In this free resource, Stephen explores the meaning and significance of Jesus' Resurrection Power