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Have you experienced the frustration and disappointment of unmet expectations and unfulfilled dreams?

Paul did!

In several of Paul's letters, he encouraged us to be content in the midst of difficulty and disappointment. He modeled the kind of faith that sees every obstacle as an opportunity. But Paul was also human. Like you and me, Paul had hopes and dreams that were often frustrated and unfulfilled.

In this FREE resource, Stephen explores a time when Paul openly expressed his disappointment. You willl discover how to confront and deal with your own disappointment and frustration. You will learn four key truths that you can use the next time your dreams are unfulfilled.

  1. God wants to develop your trust in His sovereignty.
  2. God wants to deepen your understanding of His grace.
  3. God wants to prepare you for something different.
  4. God wants to develop your character in the face of frustration.

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