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As a citizen of two kingdoms, you face the unique challenge of determining where your allegiance should lie. Do you pledge allegiance to one nation or to one God above all nations?

The Church finds itself in a similar crisis: Is its mission to reform politics or to redeem people?

In this book, Stephen clarifies your responsibility as a dual citizen of heaven and earth. He also examines the difficult relationship between Church and State, encouraging the Church to focus more on saving Americans than saving America.

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Our mission as Christians is not moral reformation, but spiritual reformation. Politics can never achieve that end. The state does not have the equipment to bring about lasting change. Only the gospel delivers a new nature.

We have not been called by God to save America. We have been called by God to save Americans. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be involved in politics. But it means you must never forget the primary mission Christ gave you.

Learn how you can balance your commitment to Christ with your role as a citizen of your country.

Chapter one of Stephen's book is free for you to download right now.

If you would like the entire book, including Stephen's answers to several questions he received, you can purchase a copy.