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  • You are consistently underpaid, often undervalued, and many times taken for granted;
  • You can never call in sick, choose the first shift or ask for the weekend off;
  • You are the one your children call for when they are sick;
  • Once you are a mother, you will never not be a mother, ever again;
  • You are in this for life and you are giving it just that - your life!

In this resource, Stephen Davey offers words of encouragement to moms. You're not alone.

God delivered some encouraging truths especially for moms. Those truths revealed in the home life of a mother named Eunice and Stephen explores all of this in this resource. 

You will receive both the audio and manuscript of this message.

An earlier a failure as a wife and mother does not eradicate the potential for future success..

The absence of a godly father does not forfeit the potential of godly children.

The dedication of a godly mother can overcome enormous disadvantages in raising her children.

The benefits of other believers coming alongside to encourage and assist parents are profound.

The digital version of this resource is free, but we also have it available in print. The content is identical. 

If you prefer a printed copy, this resource is available as a booklet in our online store.

God happens to delight and taking weak people and needy people and powerless people and infusing them with His strength and grace, which then enables them to demonstrate his power to love.