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The Bible is filled with stories. Those patriarchs, prophets, judges and apostles were ordinary people whom God used to further His eternal plan.

And these stories are still being written today, through your life and the life of people just like you.

Legacies of Light tells the stories of 16 “modern heroes of the faith” – ordinary men and women who were used by God in incredible ways. You will be encouraged by the fact that God uses our challenges, failures and shortcomings for good and inspired by the lives and lessons of those who went before us.

Most importantly, you will see why God can and will use your life in amazing ways too!

When you make a donation of at least $7 to cover the cost of shipping and handling, I'll send you this book. It's a $20 value, and I want you to have it as my gift. I believe God will use this resource to strengthen and encourage your relationship with Him.

Through the stories in this book, you’ll discover that… 

  • God uses ordinary, flawed people to accomplish His will – and our failures don’t disqualify us from serving Him
  • The tragedies and challenges we experience in life can be transformed into the very things God can use to help others
  • God uses our weaknesses as much as He uses our abilities and strengths…and sometimes more!
  • God doesn’t look for the person with the most qualifications and resources – he looks for a heart of integrity, perseverance, and humility

"Legacies of Light is a well-written and encouraging book. The various character sketches show both the glories and the struggles of living a life of service to Christ, issues that any serious follower of Jesus can identify with. This book spoke to me personally, and I have also shared some of these stories with my friends and as sermon illustrations.”

Mark from Winged Run, OH

“I absolutely love the Legacies of Light book!  When I got mine, I read it in two evenings.  It was so encouraging to get an insight into what people endured for their faith – not to mention the paths they took! I have purchased more copies to share with people when they are facing trials in their lives.”

Connie from Dalton, GA

“This is a great book. It inspired me to evaluate my own life and renewed my desire to create my own legacy of light.”

Andrew from Towson, MD

“I heard these stories when Stephen broadcast them on the radio and immediately ordered the book for my grandson and family. These biographies are people of faith we may not have heard about, but whose lives inspire and encourage us.”

Chuck from Everett, WA

“This book challenged me. It contains exciting stories of people of faith and their impact for the Lord. I have shared my book with both adults and teens.”

Stephen from Goshen, IN