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Everyone has a legacy. What will yours be? Will your children say you walked with God or ran from him? Will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly ones?

In this booklet, Stephen Davey and Scott Wylie investigate the life and legacy of Enoch. The story of Enoch, known for his close relationship with God, serves as an inspiring example for fathers seeking to leave a lasting, positive legacy for their children. Enoch's life teaches the importance of walking with God, trusting Him, and maintaining a consistent relationship to grow in faith, values that fathers can pass on to their children.

You'll be encouraged to prioritize your relationship with God and pass on the wisdom gained from this connection to your children. By walking with God and nurturing your children's spiritual growth, you can leave a lasting legacy of faith and devotion, shaping the lives of future generations.

No son or daughter will ever grow up to say, "My dad was the greatest because he was rich." "My father was a wonderful man because he owned three companies and had 1000 employees." "My dad was a wonderful man because of the way he always brought home a paycheck and we never missed a meal." It's possible for a child to be well-fed, but starving for what really matters in life.

A legacy can be property, riches, or awards. However, more than anything else, the significant legacies in our lives have nothing to do with possessions. They have to do with a name, character, and reputation.

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