Yes, this is a huge step of faith. But faith takes steps without having all the answers. We’re asking the Lord to impress our global vision on partners who can help us raise the yearly need of $183,750 for staffing, production, and printing this entire 66 book project in English. That comes to $1,178 for each of the 780 broadcasts. 

But there’s more to our vision than English!  We want the Wisdom Journey to reach every corner of the globe, translated into the top 100 languages, reaching 85% of the world’s population.  This will cost an average of $250,000 per language for translation, printing, recording, and broadcasting. Yes, that means we’re praying for $25 million dollars.  A huge goal? Absolutely.  But God is bigger.  We’re praying that you might join us in this adventure of faith and take God’s word around the world . . . literally!

In the meantime, we’re preparing to set sail, one language at a time. Will you join us today and do something that will bear fruit forever?