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  • How can I give monthly as a Gideon 300?

    Gideon’s 300 is a special program for partners who set up a secure automatic transfer gift via credit card or debit card. This is set up so that your gift, on the date you’ve chosen, is automatically transferred to Wisdom for the Heart. This arrangement is especially helpful since we can depend on your gift arriving each month, 12 months a year.

    Our Gideon’s 300 are critically important partners in helping us plan ahead as we strategize, develop and accept new opportunities – new languages – and new countries in which to deliver the Gospel of Christ.

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  • What happens when I send in my gift to Wisdom?

    Your gifts immediately enable us to cover all our expenses, including the production of our radio broadcasts, daily operating expenses, staff and volunteer needs as we connect with people 24/7. Many of our radio stations require payment, while others are free of charge.

    However, the production of our broadcasts and resources, as well as the management and staffing of our ministry involves producers, secretaries, graphic artists, printers, computer technicians and many more.

    Your gift allows us to cover all these expenses as well as allowing us to offer every audio sermon and transcript on the internet, free of charge!

    When we receive each gift, whether it’s by credit card via our secure server, we respond by sending you a receipt, along with a note from Stephen. Keep in mind that all of your gifts are tax deductible.

  • I would rather send my gift through the mail.

    Send your gift to:

    Wisdom for the Heart
    P.O. Box 37297
    Raleigh, NC 27627

  • Can I call and give a gift over the phone via my credit or debit card?

    Absolutely. Call us during business hours, Eastern Standard time at 1-866-482-4253.

  • Can I send a gift of stock to Wisdom?

    Certainly. Please call our office to receive the necessary information to give in this manner.

  • I’d like to leave Wisdom in my will. What do I need to do?

    First of all, thank you for considering this legacy that will continue bringing spiritual fruit even after you are with the Lord. Please call our office during business hours and we’ll schedule a future phone appointment with the President of Wisdom for the Heart.

  • Can I expect a response from Wisdom after I send in my gift?

    Yes. We will not only send you a personal thank-you and receipt for each donation, Wisdom will also send you our HeartBeat newsletter, allowing you to read exciting updates and fruit from your investment.

    We will also send you our monthly resource, featured in that month’s HeartBeat. Each month, Stephen personally chooses a special resource to send our partners to encourage, challenge and equip them as they continue walking and growing in Christ.

Thank you so much for your investment,

Stephen Davey