Wisdom Devotionals

God Knows Best

Friday, March 20, 2020

Romans 11:34

For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor?

The Apostle Paul clearly states that the wisdom of God is immeasurable, unsearchable, and untouchable. He asks in effect, “Has anyone ever given God advice?  Can anyone claim to know the mind of God?”

The truth is we think God needs our insight—that He could actually use our help.  Although we aren’t brash enough to admit that out loud, we think we know better.

We internally conclude things like, “Lord, I wouldn’t do that if I were You!” Or “Lord, You seem to have forgotten some of the details!” Or “Lord, Your timing is a bit off . . . what are You waiting for?!”

We seem to forget that God doesn’t take His cues from us. We aren’t the prompter who cues Him onstage when we think He’s forgotten His lines.

Missionary Gracia Burnham and her husband Martin were held captive by terrorists in the Philippines for more than a year.  During their rescue, he was tragically killed in the crossfire. When Gracia was later interviewed about the tragedy, she said:

I used to have this concept of what God is like, and how life’s supposed to be because of that. But out in the jungle, I learned I don’t know as much about God as I thought I did. What I do know for certain now is this—God is God and I am not. The world is in a mess because of sinful man, not God—and awful things may happen to me, but God does what is right.

What a testimony of faith.

William Carey, another missionary who demonstrated this attitude of trust in the wisdom of God, left England in 1793 and served for forty years in India, never returning home again.

Among Carey’s chief ambitions in India was to translate the Bible into several languages. One day, after twenty years of laboring at this task, a fire broke out in his warehouse and destroyed everything—including his printing equipment and manuscripts. There were no “backup files” . . . twenty years of labor lost in a matter of hours.

After the disaster, Carey wrote these words to his pastor-friend Andrew Murray in England:

To me, the consideration of God’s sovereignty and wisdom have been supporting . . . I endeavored to improve our affliction last Lord’s day, by reading from Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” I meditated on two ideas: God has a sovereign right to do as He pleases, and I am to acquiesce in whatever God does with me and to me.

We don’t have to be missionaries overseas to cultivate this kind of trust in God’s wisdom or to determine our own focus and trust in this truth; whatever He does is right and ultimately for our good.

In the meantime, remember God doesn’t need  counselors . . . just servants who trust that He knows what He’s doing.

Prayer Point: In what area of your life are you struggling to trust God today? Talk to Him about it and then let Him, through His Word, remind you that He’ll take care of it.

Extra Refreshment: Read through Habakkuk (four short chapters), and notice his response to God at the end.