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Sabbath Psalm20

Sabbath Psalm 20

(from the song, ‘Broken Cisterns’)

I need to repent to You again; I’ve been fashioning idols with my hands; but I’m laying them down now on the fire. I’ve been playing the harlot in my heart; been hiding my Baals in the deepest parts; but I’m burning them out now on the pyre. So receive my sacrifice! And revive my heart, O Christ! I’m so sick of drinking pleasures that can never satisfy!

I’ve been making my house a den of thieves; been worshipping as Your Spirit grieves; and I say as I sin more, “let grace abound.” But today is the day I’m coming clean! Brokenness is my offering; so stand me again, Lord, on solid ground! Transform my mind, I pray—and restore my song of praise; I’m so sick of seeking treasures that will only fade away!

Jesus, I confess, that the world’s a wilderness! And all of my sins are broken cisterns. I’m thirsty for that Spring that can wash this sinner clean! So wash me again inside Your river! Wash me again inside Your river.