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A Great Co-Mission

Deuteronomy 3:27-38
“‘Go up to the top of Pisgah and lift up your eyes westward and northward and southward and eastward, and look at it with your eyes, for you shall not go over this Jordan. But charge Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, for he shall go over at the head of this people.’”

My missionary grandfather who co-founded the Bible Broadcasting Network and Mission’s To Military and pastored Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach for many years, often said to his grandkids growing up, “You never retire from the LORD’s work.” And he never did. In fact, even in his 90s, a few months before God called him home, Pa was still sharing his testimony from the pulpit of The Shepherd’s Church on a Sunday morning, a message that touched many people. Truth be told, after the death of my grandmother, his mental state began to decline. He’d forget things—even people. He became more senile in ways he’d been jovial before. But in spite of his shortcomings, my grandfather really did live out that proverbial nugget of wisdom he’d preached for so long, and I’ll always admire him for that.

Moses has been a fighter and a leader and servant for a generation now. There’s no crown on his head, no scepter in his hand, but he’s been a shepherd-king to the people of God, always leading their advance forward. His footsteps have guided the way ever since he first delivered them from Egyptian captivity all those decades ago. And, more importantly, even in his old age, Scripture says that his vigor hasn’t yet abated. Even after all he’s endured, he still wants more! He’s still begging God for a few more chapters in this chronicle, a few more miles for his weathered sandals, a few more battles for his splintering staff. But God holds him back for the sake of Joshua.

How much better off would our churches be today if the seasoned veterans of faith, the white-headed saints in the congregation, took it as their duty to stoop down on their knees and lace the boots of younger saints who’ll carry the ministry forward? More than crossing Red Seas and thwarting Pharoah’s, Joshua is Moses’ greatest spiritual achievement, because making disciples, not performing marvels, is God’s greatest commission for us as His ambassadors.