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See Jonah Sleep

Jonah 1:4-16

10/19/2021 Stephen Davey

There was a prophet who failed to appear in the capital courtroom of Nineveh’s king. He was evidently under the impression, as he ran in the opposite direction, that he could hide from the surveillance lens of an omniscient, omnipresent God. If you are just now joining us in our study through the journal of Jonah, thus far we can easily summarize all that has happened with one simple sentence, “God said, ‘Go,’ and Jonah said, ‘No.’” We could also summarize our study with a slightly longer sentence, “God said, ‘Jonah, I want you to go and deliver a message of mercy,’ and Jonah said, ‘I’d rather resign than see Ninevites repent.’” So Jonah, the prophet of God, resigned his commission. He turned in his prophet’s badge and hospital pass card, took the fish sticker off his carriage bumper, gave all his manuscripts to some younger prophets who could use them, and headed for the coast of Spain – the exact opposite direction from Nineveh. However, he will discover that God has not accepted his resignation. In fact, God is going to give Jonah some time to do some deep thinking. Wisdom for the Heart is the Bible-teaching ministry of Stephen Davey and is a ministry of Wisdom International. In addition to this daily broadcast, we have many other resources designed to equip and encourage you in the Christian faith. We have a collection of books, booklets, Bible study guides, commentaries, and more. You can learn more about us and access all of our resources by visiting Each month we offer a free resource to anyone who wants it. Learn more at Our only source of funding is the gifts we receive from listeners like you. Please consider making a donation. Your gift goes directly into supporting this ministry and enables us to develop and distribute these resources. To make a donation, visit Wisdom International 2703 Jones Franklin Road, Suite 105 Cary, NC. 27518 866-482-4253