Luke 2:41-51

12/23/2020 Stephen Davey

The event we come to in Luke 2:41-45 is much more than a sentimental lost-and-found story. It is a Messianic demonstration as pivotal to the gospel as... read more

Israel's Most Wanted

Matthew 2

12/22/2020 Stephen Davey

For Mary and Joseph, the nativity was a scene of confusion, insecurity, and fear as they literally found themselves running for their lives. Here is... read more

The Presentation of the Lamb

Luke 2:21-35

12/21/2020 Stephen Davey

In this new series “Beyond Bethlehem,” Stephen takes us on an investigation into the boyhood of Jesus to broaden our understanding of His life... read more

Question and Answer Program No. 90

12/18/2020 Stephen Davey

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Due to changes being... read more

The Return of the King

Selected Scriptures

12/17/2020 Stephen Davey

Peace is not only a desire during the Christmas season but is a longing of the world throughout the year. Global peace is possible, but it will only... read more

The Names of the King

Isaiah 9:6-7

12/16/2020 Stephen Davey

Christmas is the season to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. Though His birth occurred around 2,000 years ago, the church still worships and... read more

The Resume of the King

Selected Scriptures

12/15/2020 Stephen Davey

People are convinced of truth if what is predicted will happen in the future actually comes to pass. Prophets, soothsayers, psychics, and diviners... read more

A Light From God

John 1:1-13

12/14/2020 Stephen Davey

The world is lost in darkness not because light hasn't come, but because men have turned their backs to it. read more

A Word From God

John 1:1-3

12/11/2020 Stephen Davey

Just as Christian theology hinges on a literal interpretation of John's opening words, many false religions hinge on a misinterpretation of them. But... read more

The Breath of God

Romans 3:2

12/10/2020 Stephen Davey

In our 21st century American culture we have Bibles everywhere. Perhaps this has caused us to lose our sense of awe for the Scriptures. So when you... read more

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