Adam and Eve ... For Real!

Acts 17:25-29

02/05/2021 Stephen Davey

Today, Christians are considered fools if they believe that the human race came from a man named Adam and a woman named Eve. Monkeys are more... read more

In the Beginning

Acts 17:24

02/04/2021 Stephen Davey

When introducing pre-Christian people to Jesus Christ, Paul doesn't start at a manger or a cross or an empty tomb; he starts at the very beginning of... read more

Setting Aside Superstitions

Acts 17:22-24

02/03/2021 Stephen Davey

Respect. Humility. Consideration of other's feelings and convictions. These characteristics defined Paul's evangelism to Athenian philosophers and... read more

Divine Appointments

Acts 17:16-21

02/02/2021 Stephen Davey

Paul didn't walk into Athens with a picket sign. He didn't walk from statue to statue proclaiming the idolatries of the Greek pantheon. He didn't hide... read more

A Good Model for an Open Mind

Acts 17:10-15

02/01/2021 Stephen Davey

Nowadays, virtue is described as accepting all forms of religion, sexuality, and political philosophies as equal and tearing down the dividing walls... read more

The Suffering King

Acts 17:1-9

01/29/2021 Stephen Davey

The Jews wanted a victorious messiah: one who could give them health, wealth, and power. Many churched people today are still searching for the same... read more

Waiting to Be Wanted

Selected Scriptures

01/28/2021 Stephen Davey

One of the most compelling paradoxes of Christianity is that though God has no need of our love and worship, He still desires it. read more

Making it Safely Home

Ecclesiastes 6:10-12

01/27/2021 Stephen Davey

For the Christian, our life here on this earth is but a temporary stay on our way to eternal happiness in our eternal home. We may call where we live... read more

Chasing a Carrot on a Stick

Ecclesiastes 6:7-9

01/26/2021 Stephen Davey

Go to your local mall, and you will see dozens of people chasing after things they think will satisfy. But when they get it, they are still... read more

Reversing the Rules of the Race

Ecclesiastes 6:1-6

01/25/2021 Stephen Davey

Winning a sprint in the Olympics may feel like the very height of human achievement. What can be better than running a successful race? Well, Solomon... read more

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