Happy Are the Helpful and Holy

Matthew 5:7-8

08/24/2021 Stephen Davey

The world says, "Blessed are those who never need a handout." Jesus says, "Blessed are those who are always willing to lend a hand." The world says,... read more

Happy Are the Helpless and Hungry

Matthew 5:5-6

08/23/2021 Stephen Davey

How hungry are you for the things of God? How reliant are you on His Spirit for every good work? Jesus' Beatitude in Matthew 5:5-6 isn't just for... read more

Blessed Are the Brokenhearted

Matthew 5:4

08/20/2021 Stephen Davey

Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are the pouters and complainers and whiners.” He said, “Blessed are the brokenhearted.” Stephen uncovers the... read more

Blessed Are the Beggars

Matthew 5:1-3

08/19/2021 Stephen Davey

You won't find a more radical and countercultural speech in all of scripture than the one Christ gives in Matthew 5. In fact, you won't find a more... read more


Romans 6:1-2

08/18/2021 Stephen Davey

The Apostle Paul has been contrasting the life and legacy of the two most important men in history, Adam and Jesus, in Romans 5, and as Stephen wraps... read more


Romans 5:18-21

08/17/2021 Stephen Davey

Have you ever thought about how many parallels there are to Calvary in the first few chapters of Genesis? There’s the parallel between The Tree of... read more


Romans 5:12-17

08/16/2021 Stephen Davey

In 1 Corinthians chapter 15, the Apostle Paul reminds us that we can’t fully understand all that Christ gained for us at Calvary until we understand... read more

Marks of True Greatness

Genesis 46:1-50:26

08/13/2021 Stephen Davey

What the world considers great is different than what the Bible considers great. Joseph was great in the world's eyes because he was second in command... read more

Together . . . At Last!

Genesis 45:16-47:12

08/12/2021 Stephen Davey

What must have been flooding through Jacob’s mind as he rode to meet his son for the first time in years? Joy? Excitement? Gratitude?! In this... read more

What an Attitude!

Genesis 44:1-45:15

08/11/2021 Stephen Davey

Thousands of years before the Apostle Paul exhorted believers in Philippi to have the same attitude as Christ Jesus, Joseph was displaying through his... read more

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