Describing the Deceivers

Acts 20:30-31

07/16/2021 Stephen Davey

How can we distinguish between a charismatic Christian leader and a false prophet? That's an important question . . . because if we don't know what a... read more

A Warning About Wolves

Acts 20:29

07/15/2021 Stephen Davey

Wherever there are sheep, there are sure to be wolves lurking nearby. So how do we spot them? How do we know when the person sitting next to us in the... read more

Shepherds in Biblical Style

Acts 20:28

07/14/2021 Stephen Davey

Many Christians today are concerned about the moral condition of our nation. But what is the best way to 'reclaim America' for Christ? Stop focusing... read more

Four Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Acts 20:17-27

07/13/2021 Stephen Davey

Do real men cry? Can Christians show emotion without damaging their testimony and reputation? Yes! As a matter of fact, it's one of the Four Habits of... read more

Easter at Troas

Acts 20:1-16

07/12/2021 Stephen Davey

Healings can be staged; signs and wonders can be counterfeited; so what is the definitive proof that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? It is the... read more

The Riot

Acts 19:23-41

07/09/2021 Stephen Davey

Sometimes sharing the Gospel with your friends and neighbors will produce a healthy conversation and debate. Sometimes it will merely turn them away.... read more

Burning Bridges . . . Killing Spiders

Acts 19:8-20

07/08/2021 Stephen Davey

Charles Spurgeon said, "The Bible is like a lion: you don't defend it, you just let it loose." In Acts chapter 19, that happens, and transformation in... read more

1st Century Van Winkles

Acts 19:1-7

07/07/2021 Stephen Davey

The bestowal of the Holy Spirit at Ephesus shows that the church is without social castes. We should be diverse, but unified in spite of our... read more

In the Hands of Tentmakers

Acts 18:24-28

07/06/2021 Stephen Davey

What happens when an eloquent and educated 1st century scholar is tutored by a couple of blue collar saints? Ministry happens! read more

This Was Your Life

Acts 18:12-23

07/05/2021 Stephen Davey

How would your like look as a reality TV show? Would it be wroth watching? Would it be wholesome and God-honoring? What would it reveal to others... read more

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