Ministers of Loneliness

Ecclesiastes 4:9-16

01/19/2021 Stephen Davey

The Christian faith is not designed to be done in isolation. But did you know that even kings, the people every person wants to be close to, struggle... read more

Listening to the Right Voice

Ecclesiastes 4:1-8

01/18/2021 Stephen Davey

What motivates your life? Power, possessions, earthly affirmation? Or is there a lasting, more fulfilling motivation in life? King Solomon found one,... read more

Special Wisdom Program

01/15/2021 Stephen Davey

This is a special Wisdom broadcast where Stephen and Scott discuss recent events, including all that God has done for Wisdom in 2020, and also the... read more

Peace...And a Cup of Coffee

Selected Scriptures

01/14/2021 Stephen Davey

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” commanded Jesus in Luke 6:31. While that challenge is easy to preach, living it out is an... read more

Ready, Get Set...Go!

Selected Scriptures

01/13/2021 Stephen Davey

As believers and members of Christ’s Church, we have made a promise to demonstrate and communicate the Gospel to our community and our... read more

Living Up to Your Name

Selected Scriptures

01/12/2021 Stephen Davey

The Apostles taught first-century Christians to be obedient to—and pray for—their Roman rulers, unless a law required disobedience to God. They... read more

Rewriting the Perception of God

Selected Scriptures

01/11/2021 Stephen Davey

As a Christian, you are the face of the Church. And the world perceives the Church based upon how it perceives you. This may seem like a daunting... read more

Bridging Niagara

Romans 3:19-20

01/08/2021 Stephen Davey

The bridge built by that Jewish carpenter over 2,000 years ago has never needed reconstruction. It’s still transporting people to Heaven every day. read more

The Road Most Traveled

Romans 3:15-18

01/07/2021 Stephen Davey

Don't follow the path that has the most footprints. Follow the path that has Christ's footprints. read more

Seasonings for the Tongue

Romans 3:14

01/06/2021 Stephen Davey

There are no cosmetics for the tongue. In fact, you have never gone on a diet to get your tongue back into shape! Yet it is your tongue that defines... read more

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