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Will any of the elect be left to go through the tribulation?

by Stephen Davey

Jerry asks, "When Jesus comes again, will there be any of the elect to go through the Tribulation? Will the anti-Christ come before Jesus comes?"

Hi Jerry. Thanks for your question. 

When Jesus returns, the dead in Christ will in fact be raised. Believers who are alive at His coming will meet Him in the air and be taken to heaven. 

So, at the very beginning of the Tribulation, there will not be any Christians on the earth. They will have all experienced the rapture. 

However, people will come to faith during the period of Tribulation. People will respond to the message of the gospel as found in God’s Word. Revelation 11 reveals that God will bless the world with two witnesses who will proclaim the gospel. We also read in Revelation about 144,000 witnesses who are saved and sealed by God. If you’re interested, I have a sermon about this. Navigate to my series through Revelation, and scroll down to lesson 22, or click this link: 

So, even though believers will not enter the Tribulation, thousands of believers will come out of the Tribulation by having responded to the gospel in the midst of trial and persecution. 

Thanks for writing!

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Dwight Osborne says:
We must remember that there are two elect groups, the church and Israel. All Jews are the elect, saved or not. Those saved during the church age are made a part of the church and will be raptured. But unsaved Jews will be required to go through the tribulation whereby 2/3 of the people will perish in the great tribulation apart from faith in Christ.
Margaret sim says:
Great teaching