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Do deceased babies look like babies eternally??

by Stephen Davey

Ellen from Michigan asked: “When a baby dies, will he or she look like a baby in heaven?”


I wish the Bible told us more about what heaven will be like. There are many things we can’t fully know until we get there. But I don’t think heaven will be littered with strollers and high chairs. There won’t be angels assigned to the heavenly preschool or as workers in heaven’s nursery.

Any limitations or immaturities a child may have on earth will be gone instantly upon arrival in heaven. The same is true for the elderly. I won't have problems with my joints and my knees and all the other limitations that age has given me.

In heaven, we receive new, glorified, immortal bodies. But we will still recognize each other in Matthew 17, the rich man and Lazarus recognize each other. At the Mount of Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah were recognizable. The disciples recognized Jesus after his resurrection.

When a baby dies, God performs miracles as he reconstitutes that child's body. He immortalizes it and glorifies it. But at the same time, it is recognizable. 

Ellen, if you’re asking because you've lost a child, please know that your baby will be in heaven when you get there. He or she will not be a tiny, fragile being in need of a mother's care, but you will know that he or she is your child in a perfected, glorified, immortal body. 

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