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Were there people on earth before Adam and Eve?

Anthony asked: “I believe people existed before Adam and Eve, but my pastor tells me I’m wrong. Can you please elaborate on this?”

Hi Anthony,

I agree with your pastor that there were no human beings on earth before God created Adam and Eve. Adam was the first man and Eve was the first woman. All of the human race came from that first couple. 

And Anthony, this is very significant theologically. The Bible refers to Jesus Christ as the second or last Adam. From him comes a new race. Paul describes this for us in Romans. The first Adam sinned and fell. He represented us all, and we are all fallen because of Adam’s sin. Jesus, the second Adam was perfect. He is God the Son who secured our salvation. And by faith, He represents us before the Father. If Adam was not the father of the human race, much of what the Bible teaches loses it's meaning. 

The days of creation were six, literal, 24-hour days. In Genesis 1:1 through Genesis 2:3, you have the description of creation, which includes the creation of Adam and Eve. But chapter two is where you might have gotten confused. When you get to chapter two, it isn't sequential. Chapter two gives us more details about what God did after the creation of human beings.

So, keep this in mind Anthony. Genesis 1 is the beginning of the universe and the account of God creating it. Genesis 2 is not another creation. It's more of the details regarding what happened in chapter one. 

I hope that helps you, 



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