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Are the sign gifts an important enough issue to determine which church I attend?

Gary from North Carolina asked: “Are the sign gifts an important enough issue to determine which church I attend?"


I want to be clear that whether or not a person or church practices the sign gifts is not a matter of salvation. You can be my brother or sister in Christ and disagree with me on this issue. 

But Gary, when choosing a church, I believe it’s appropriate and wise to consider more than the gospel. Of course, the gospel is the starting point and foundation. If a church teaches a false gospel, run as fast as you can. But the fellowship the church enjoys, the worship experience and the teaching of God’s Word are also important considerations. 

As you choose a church, what that church teaches and practices regarding the sign gifts (healing, tongues, and prophesy) will, in part, define your fellowship. What is your pastor practicing and teaching? Is he teaching God’s Word to you, or does he believe he’s receiving new revelation from God? What is your church looking forward to prophetically? How do you pray? Do you expect your pastor or another member to be able to heal you? Those are real issues that define the personality and purpose of the church, and impact the fellowship you will enjoy there.

So, yes, Gary, I believe it's completely appropriate for churches to have distinctives along these kinds of lines. It’s also appropriate to consider these issues when deciding which church to fellowship with.

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